Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I feel like I may have done something wrong here, with the title. But, I can't be bothered to fix it. Tis only a title after all. Here's an interesting question to pose: Are blogs merely for those that are conceited?

I mean, really, doesn't every reader ever thrive on my every word...ever? Or is that beside the point? Is it courageous or something to post what you feel for the world to see? Is it a cry for help? "Oh, please read and comment so I know that someone out there hears my screams of anguish!?" (I really am too good at angst.) /wrist.

Anywho, I thought I'd start a blog. No clue if I'll remember this tomorrow or not. And hey, you know what? You can totes read it if you want to. But you know what else? You totes don't have to. And I think that's the point of a blog, maybe. A blog is for the blogger. At least, that's how it should be, in my opinion. So, this might not even be a blog. I might just rant (then again, maybe it's a perfect example of a blog.)

But I feel like I have to write more original works. Lately it's just copied stuff. Granted, I do try my hardest to make it my own and I know that in the long run it will help me as a writer. No shame at all in re-writing what's already been written, right? As long as you make it your own? As long as you make it something? Speaking of, ever read geophf's blog? Hmm...consider it. I would post a link, but I'm pretty well a technological failure.

So, this blog will probably be for ranting, or for me to post lame jokes. Like right now. Ready? Are you watching? Because it's totes happening

Why is Edward Cullen so pale?
Because there are no lights in the closet!

(Yeah he is!)


  1. Anonymous said...

    Guess I'm in the 'will read' team. X)

  2. Jocelyn Torrent said...

    Ha, thanks. Mucho appreciated

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