Friday, January 29, 2010

Look at that Russian up there. Woo! It means 'Hi.' I'm practically fluent, guys. No, not really. I'm just really bored before class. Can you guess which class is next? I bet you can, you smart people you. I like Russian a lot. It's so much easier than one would think. Then again, our professor is awesome. He always makes the class enjoyable. Make note of that, aspiring teachers.

Now, on a completely random note: Why doesn't anyone like the movie 'Slither?' Seriously, it's so funny! But everyone's like "It's gross." Well, in response to that I say, look at the title. Excuse me while I slam my head against this brick wall. Do people honestly think at all before they open their mouths? (And before you make snide little comments to yourself, I am guilty as charged, pard). But for serious, you should watch it. Because Nathan's in it and he has a hick accent, and it's adorable. Oh, hey! Speaking of, I totes bought the Collector's Edition of Serenity the other day. Tis awesome and yes, that burning feeling behind your eyes? It's jealousy. Or maybe you should get some sleep. I don't know. A doctor, I am not.

Semi-speakin of! This dude tried to psychoanalyze me over AIM the other day. He's like "I'm looking at this from a purely psychological point of view" and I'm like, "You dropped out of your freshman year of college."

Seriously, who does the dude think he is? I'd understand it more if I actually knew this person but come on. You don't know me. I'm all...deep and shit. Or I'm not. Point is: you don't know. And if you're reading this, random AIMer, yes, I'm still mad.

I wanna do something, but then I don't. But then, I need to actually go to class in six minutes. Either way, I've lost myself again in this quagmire of words. (spewing with eloquence, no doubt). And I'ma leave. Laters.

How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Two! But don't ask me how they got in there


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